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Wireless Control

Wireless snow plow controller offers high-tech convenience and lighting control.


180 Degrees of Motion

Push AND pull snow, keeping it within the flexible arms of the Sno-Power blades.


Quick Attachment

Our system can be attached or detached from your truck in less than 60 seconds.



Outfit virtually any truck or flatbed with no alteration to your vehicle.

Our patented snow removal system is revolutionizing snow plowing as we know it. Our innovative rear-plow system conveniently and quickly mounts to the back of virtually any pickup truck or flatbed with no alteration to the vehicle.

This game-changing rear plow system offers 180 degrees of motion, allowing you to push AND pull snow, optimizing performance in both forward and reverse. This decreases your time on-site and increases your productivity and in turn, your profits. And, our system can be attached or detached from your truck in less than 60 seconds*.When used in combination with a front plow it creates the ultimate snow-moving duo that will set you apart from any competition and dramatically increase your capabilities.

As long as you can add fifth wheel hitch rails, you can outfit your truck with the Sno-Power system with no alterations to your vehicle. This allows you to utilize your favorite pieces of equipment (like a salt spreader).

Sno-Power is the only PATENTED rear snowplow system in the United States – U.S. Patent No. 9,555,746

With features like a wireless controller, LED lights, quick attach and full 180-degree motion no other rear snow plow on the market packs this much technology into one product.

Full Specifications

  • Rear plow system designed to be installed on 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, and 1 ton single and dual rear wheeled trucks.
  • Quickly attach & detach plow from hitch system
  • 101″ main moldboard
  • Approximately 48″ wings
  • 22″ Moldboard & wing height
  • Overall width in full open position 16′
  • Overall width in the closed position 8′
  • Positive blade lock keeps blade level in the UP position
  • 4 Link lift system ensures vertical lift
  • Adjustable top arms to accommodate different heights of trucks
  • Proven and dependable hydraulic pump and motor
  • Wireless snow plow controller
  • LED side mounted lights
  • Self contained hydraulic pump unit with an easy to remove steel top
  • Hydraulic down pressure for maximized cleaning action
  • Exclusive Sno-Power cutting edge reduces noise and surface oxidation
  • Remote AGM battery located in hydraulic enclosure allows for plow operation when disconnected from main power supplied
  • Approximately 895 lbs. plow weight
  • Approximately 1240 lbs. complete plow and hitch system
  • Ships complete (some adjustments needed)
  • Full synthetic hydraulic oil
  • Wireless controller controls plow and lighting switching (Strobe & LED’s)
  • High quality powder coat finish
  • 1-year warranty

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